Wiwiz HotSpot API Specification Ver 1.0

1. Description
Developers can find hotspots around with Wiwiz HotSpot API by giving location information.

2. Requirements
A registered Wiwiz account is required.

3. General Information
When calling this API, an HTTP request is sent to the given URL with the specified parameters(GET or POST). The inquiry result is returned in JSON format with the HTTP response.

4. Specification
http://cp.wiwiz.com/as/s/hotspots_around/?ver=1.0&username={Wiwiz User Name}&lon={LONGITUDE}&lat={LATITUDE}&r={DISTANCE}



5. Request Parameters

Parameter Name Required/Optional Value / Description
ver Required “1.0″
username Required Wiwiz Account Name
lon Required Longitude. e.g. 116.403703
lat Required Latitude. e.g. 39.91519
r Optional Distance(in meters). Default value: 500. Acceptable value cannot be larger than 5000.

6. Response
Sample of JSON:

             "merchant_name":"Merchant Name",
             "merchant_intro":"Merchant Introduction",

* ‘usernum’ stands for total number of users, but not online users.

7. Note
(1) One Wiwiz user can call this API up to 5000 times each day. If you need more, please contact us.
(2) This API can be called up to 10 times per second from one same IP.

8. Error Code
Sample of JSON:

{"error_code":"ERROR_CODE", "error_msg":"ERROR_MESSAGE"}

ERROR CODE Description
ERR90001 Invalid User Name
ERR90002 Invalid Location
ERR90003 ‘r’ Cannot Larger Than 5000
ERR90004 Exceeds Quota Limit
ERR90005 Calling Too Frequently

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